Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tale Of The Night

I walk into the dark room.
As I cross the floor a chill runs through me.
There is a coldness to the air.
I stop at the window.
My hand stops for a moment as it touches the soft silk of the black curtain.
Slowly I draw the curtain back.
Everything is quiet and still.
Nothing to see except the soft glow of the moon casting shadows on the lawn and across the empty street.
I turn from the window and walk to my chair.
I slowly sit down on the green velvet chair.
As I stare out of the window I listen to the sound of silence that is surrounding me.
The orange glow of the moon is cast about me as though threatening to consume me at a moment's notice.
I close my eyes.
I feel the night begin to creep into my body.
I listen more closely now.
I do not want to miss a single word the silence has to offer.
Slowly I surrender, allowing the night to consume me.
Every fiber of my being is on full alert as the night touches my very core.
Suddenly I smell a change in the air.
It is a musky, earthy smell.
I keep my eyes closed and continue to sit very still.
The scent becomes stronger.
Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder.
That is odd, for I am alone in the house.
The hand lingers on my shoulder.
I continue to keep still.
Slowly the hand touches my face.
A warmth runs through my entire being.
I want to open my eyes and speak, but I do not dare.
For if I do, I may break this moment and it will be lost forever, never to return.
The hand slowly pulls away.
Silently I beg for it to stay.
Suddenly there is a breeze that blows across the room.
I can feel its gentle fingers run through my long, black hair.
In the distance I can hear a dog bark.
The breeze fades away.
Slowly I open my eyes.
I walk over to the window.
I open the window and let the fresh air touch my face.
I look up at the sky.
The stars quietly are dancing, the moon is staring down at me.
I smile.
Quietly I say, "Yes, there is always an answer where there is faith."
© Copyright 2009 KylaJocelyn (UN: pastsoul at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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